21 Aug 21 by justatest
Over-zealous in my early attempts at pruning resulted in the unfortunate demise of some trees, as in the case of this alder.

Coat of red oil

Once dried, I had painted it with a red madder. I´ll probably seal it with a waterproof glue or resin, and then varnish.

doodling what to do with this thing

A wire cage filled with broken rock.
[ Update, some months later: ]
There´s a war going on in Ukraine with Russian ordnance raining explosive shells and rockets down upon civilians in a most horrifying and indiscriminate fashion. Should I continue with this, given that it might be misconstrued as glorifying the destruction, killing and maiming visited on the Ukrainian people by their evil neighbour in such a cowardly way?

broken tree

Drying out the base of the trunk by scraping down to the more intact wood.

End of life

End of life
dead and decaying alder

By the time I got around to doing something with the tree, it had almost completely rotted in the wet soil. As I was digging it out, the trunk snapped into pieces.